Dare to r0amwild!


I had to really. My early life experiences ushured me this way. As a child growing up, our family moved around the Midwestern states of the US with regularity as we followed the unfolding of my father's career. With friendships lost at every move, my love for nature itself seemed to grow. After all, nature was the constant, although evolving companion. Friendships took time to cultivate and, as I found, only a transient phenomena. Lost with each successive move. Perhaps, even more consequential, my family honored outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, camping) and I relished those experiances. I always wanted more nature.

In college, I borrowed and worked part-time as I bided my time, inching toward a degree. Having no financial reserve to back me, no wealth other than myself, I knew a job (duh!) would be neccessary in order to fund my exploration efforts and my education would only increase my geographical flexibility going forward. Toward the end of that education, I met a woman who would help enhance my bond with the natural world. It so happened that she was compelled to move to Colorado and make her life there. "Perfect", I thought. I too had Colorado on my list and so, after graduation, we moved there. Still relatively young, I climbed, I skied, I spent all the time out exploring the mountains that I could. It was my chance to r0amwild.


One must believe that it is never too late to get out and see the world. See nature as it wants to be seen, on its own terms. Although, if you start later in life you won’t have your youth. That will limit just how wild you can be, although on the brighter side, hopefully you have some financial freedom to leverage as some means to break away from the clutches of modern society. Or, maybe not. Either way I'd encourage you to join along with me. Will you r0amwild, can you? I say that you can, perhaps only in spirit but everyone can r0am if they choose so.

Perhaps you are still in good physical shape? Better yet! For you, the tips here will be more meaningful, actionable. Places you will want to go and the skills you will need inorder to get your physical body out there. Being out 'in spirit' is fine but 'in body' is sublime.


Explore these pages for starters. Check out a few pictures and video. Come along, in spirit or in body. I can not say it is lonely out here, r0aming such a beautiful and vast land as America, North America, or all of the Western Hemisphere or perhaps beyond. It is, and it is not, I hope to explain the experiance of r0aming wild as we go forward. Join me, out where the pressure and competition of society fades away, a place where it becomes good to see others, good to exchange experiences and advice for the route ahead. This is my advice to you, my reader, for your route ahead. What I saw, what you might expect as you explore. I dare you, r0amwild!